Sunday, June 02, 2013


We've done a debrief at the end of every day going over each person's "highs" and "lows". We have all agreed that today had the most "highs". I have to keep this very short as we're expecting our Swazi friend Musa to arrive at any moment so here is just a mash-up of the day:

*crazy, fun driving
*beautiful children
*fat babies
*birthday cake for Swazis twice
*lively sermon in English and siSwati
*spirit-filled worship
*lots of hugs
*singing Siya Hamba with an ancient grandmother in the car in two-part harmony
*braai with Swazi friends at the Donaldsons
*watching videos of David because the Swazi kids want to see "David"
*rocking my ridiculous, floppy, black-and-white hat along with my colorful, blanket sweater
*a visit from my good friend Musa plus more time with Marcia and her boys and a new Swazi friend
*lots and lots of laughter
*precious times of prayer
*millions of photos
*and love as only the Swazis can love

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