Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today, Patrick and I were laughing and acting goofy on the inflatable water slide at our church's Vacation Bible School fun day.

Two weeks from today, Patrick will be finishing up his first full day of training camp at Adventures in Missions. That means that we have less than two weeks to raise the remainder of his mission trip money, somewhere between $300 and $500. is time to start the selling of the family jewels.

Oh wait, we don't have any family jewels.

Okay, so we'll sell other cool things instead.

I am not going to be doing them as an auction. We just really don't have time for that at this point. Instead, I'm posting pictures of everything and putting a suggested price. If you don't live local, I'd still love to have you purchase the items. I'll just ask you to tack on a bit for shipping and handling according to how big or heavy the items are.

So, here are the items. If you want one, leave a comment with the description and number of the item along with how I can contact you. Payment can be check, cash, or pay pal.

Item #1 is an MUW grab bag of goodies including a canvas tote, pen, soda can huggie, car sticker, lapel pin, and a couple of pieces of literature handed out at Homecoming or new student orientation. The suggested price for this lot of items is $12.

Item #2 is a 2 inch high detailed and adorable llama from Peru.  It has a keychain attached but could easily be used as a Christmas tree ornament.  The suggested price for this item is $6.

Item #3 is a beaded choker necklace from Swaziland.  In fact, I just bought it while I was there earlier this month.  The beads are in the vibrant colors of that nation.  The pendant, which is removable, is a set of three stacked triangles.  This handcrafted jewelry piece is selling for the suggested price of $15.

Item #4 is a hair accessory handcrafted from a coconut shell.  This lovely piece was also bought in Swaziland on my last rip.  It would be a classy way to dress up a ponytail or bun.  The shell part is approximately 3 inches long.  The suggested price on this simple beauty is $8.  

Item #5 is a cross that I bought at the Manzini Market in Swaziland.  It is made of actual seeds turned into beads.  It measures approximately 9 by 7 inches.  This was actually the first time I remember seeing crosses for sale at Swaziland craft markets.  This item's suggested price is $20.  

The next items are handcrafted hearts from Swaziland.  We have gotten to know a very nice man named Alezario who graduated from an Assembly of God ministry school (or maybe a Bible college) in Mozambique.  He sells great items, mostly wood, at his booth in the Manzini craft market.  He carved a W for MUW (or any name that begins with a W)   and a T for the Troubadour Social (or again, any name that begins with a T ) into these dark blue hearts.  They have been fitted with key rings but the rings could easily be removed and the hearts, which are about 2 inches tall, could be used as a Christmas ornament.  These hearts, which are one-of-a-kind, are selling for $5 a piece.  Please specifiy item #6 for the W one and item #7 for the T one.

I will have more items for sale in a couple of days, but that gets us started for now. 

And listen, even if you can't buy an item, would you consider telling others about this sell?  It would really help!  The more people who know, the more people are likely to buy something.  And if you have something you would like to sell to benefit Patrick --- maybe a service or a painting or even a baked cake --- that would be fabulous!  Every bit helps  and really blesses us.  This trip is going to change his life and do so much to further prepare him for moving over there in six months.

Thanks and good night!


Anonymous said...

I want the llama key chain. :) Deidra

Elysa said...

My African-loving sister-in-law has staked her claim on the llama, but all the other items are still available! :)

Rhonda Jeanne said...

I'll take the hair clip!

Elysa said...

So the llama and hair clip are sold. That leaves the other items.

Elysa said...

Antonella Taylor has bought the choker necklace.

Elysa said...

The W Heart is now sold.