Monday, June 03, 2013


So imagine us four crazy white gals shopping and bargaining at an African market, then throw in a very fun, young, Swazi man as a "tour guide" and companion on a walking safari and that encapsulates our day. Throw in incessant Nacho Libre and LOTR quotes and allusions and you have day filled not just with colorful crafts, beautiful people, amazing scenery, and wild animals, but you have a day filled with hilarious laughter and wacky accents. Manzini Market and Mlilwane Game Park may never be the same again. Harrison Magagula deserves a medal for his roll-with-it attitude. And the real estate agent who took us to look at houses doesn't even know what she's gotten herself into because she'll be seeing a lot more of us in a few months when we come back to confirm a house. So as we end our last day in Manzini, I am so thankful for good friends, great daughters, traveling mercies, and a day filled with the kind of joy that only Jesus can give. Tomorrow we will pack up and leave, stop by Swazi Candle and the Ezulwini Market, and then head up into the highlands to our for-lease rondavel on the top of Pigg's Peak. After that, it will be on to Johannesburg via Nelspruit to catch our flight back to The States. The trip has gone way too fast for me, but it helps me to know that in just seven months, I'll be back. This time, I'll be back for good. And for crazy, too. Crazy good.

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