Tuesday, June 04, 2013


This will be my last time, most probably, to be online before we arrive back in The States. Our time here has been beyond amazing. God has allowed us to spend time with truly precious brothers and sisters in the Lord. We have asked the Lord for many things --- safety as we drive, that we on our "team" would be united, to work out our seats on the plane, that we will be a blessing to all we meet, to help me find my Bible, and to help us sense His will about our move here --- and He has been so faithful and good. We have also had a chance to pray for many people --- Cezar the Mozambican at the market, the widows struggling to just survive, Harrison as he goes through ministry leadership training, Musa as he prepares for his future, a family of fatherless kids, and a young teenaged girl who is now a mother. I feel over-the-top happy. God has given me amazing amounts of energy this trip. His joy has truly been my strength. Please pray for each of us as we begin our trip home. After a bit more of shopping for gifts, we will drive up to Pigg's Peak where we will have some down time before flying out on Wednesday night. Yes, please do keep praying for safety, but even more so, pray that we will take with us to America all that God wants us to have. Pray for us as we go back to our families and friends and share. And pray for them as they receive the things we will tell them. Reunions after separations can be both happy and stressful. Pray that our return will be as full of joy and love as our trip itself. Pray that we won't forget what we have seen and experienced. And pray that those we leave behind will be strengthened and provided for as they continue to fight against the darkness and seek God's provision. There are so many hurting and needy people. There are so many pastors, teachers, missionaries, and carepoint workers who can all too easily feel overwhelmed. But God is big enough for us all. He really and truly is.

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