Saturday, June 15, 2013


Have you started your Fathers' Day celebration yet?  Well, I shopped for the rest of the Fathers' Day feast today as well as picking up a couple of yummy gifts and the kids did some prepping, but we've also done some fun things.

Jim took the kids who were home to the children's museum and park then hiked nearly three miles home through Belhaven.  Now we're eating pizza and popcorn while watching TREASURE PLANET.  We've also got two special visitors, my nephew Cullen and a We Will Go visitor, Rachel from England.

Tomorrow will there will be presents and special food and lots of pictures , plus calls to the granddads.  But in the meantime, I'm glad we're enjoying each other today.  

Because after all, it is those other 364 days of fathering that make them deserve a very special day of honor.

Actually, they deserve about a year's worth of honoring.

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