Friday, June 21, 2013


I have had a heart for orphans and adoption since I was a child. I have been blessed with seven biological children and love them very, very much. But deep down, I just really believe that God isn't going to stop at seven. I can't have any more children biologically, but I can have more children through other routes. I can have spiritual children. Those who might have a mom and dad, or could be orphaned. I won't ever adopt them or even foster them. They may never live with me, but God will use me as a mother in their life, nonetheless. Then there will be children that I believe God will bring to us for a season. They might not ever be able to be legally ours, but I will love them just as fiercely as my own "legal" children whether they are with me for just a short time or for years and years. And then I believe there will be children who need a forever home that we will be able to make a legal part of our family. They will be adopted and become just as much a MacLellan, regardless of their color or origin, as my American born babies.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a prayer and blessing for my future children. I wrote it quickly into a spiral bound notebook during a time of worship. I share it here because, to be honest, I am not very good at keeping up with stuff and what with our move to Africa, I didn't want to lose it. I wanted it to be here so one day I can show it to each of them and they can see that their mama loved them even before they were known. It is an unconditional love that reflects Father God's love for us.

My arms yearn to hold them.
My lips long to kiss their beautiful faces.
My hands ache to stroke their hair and caress their foreheads.
My heart aches to be with them, be present with them.
My eyes crave to see them for real.
My spirit hurts for the hurts i know they are feeling now.

Oh Jesus, be with them.
Oh Spirit, comfort them.
Oh Father, let them know that their mommy and daddy are on their way.
Until we are there to be Your provision, let them somehow know that they are loved and that you are holding them til we can get there.

But even when I get there, even when their new daddy takes them to their loving home, even when their brothers and sisters bring them into the loud, craziness of our family, may they know that you are still their true parent. You are the true source of their provision. You are their true family. You still have them in Your arms.

It is You Lord who give us the ability to love them.
It is You Lord who sustains them.
It is You Lord who made our home big enough.
Oh Lord, it is You who makes our sustenance enough.
Or Lord, it is You who makes our love large enough to include all You bring to us.

Lord, help our children know that even more than we will love them,
You will love them forever.
You loved them at Calvary.
You loved them at the laying of the earth's foundation.
You loved them before, You loved them now, You love them in the future.

You love them forever and ever and ever.

Oh my children, my heart for you, my willingness to leave my home, my family, my security, is only a tiny picture of how much He is willing to give for You.

Jesus left Heaven for you! He left all the riches, peace, joy, and love of heaven. He left His home so you can have all His riches, peace, joy, and love. Your daddy and I are on our way to give you a new home, a new family, but Jesus already came to give you an eternal home and an eternal Heaven.

You are my reward and I love you.

I love you now, I'll love you even better in the years to come.

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