Friday, June 14, 2013


Laura has been at Camp Garaywa this week.  This is a tradition for us MacGirls.  I attended as a camper back in the mid-70's and then served as a cabin counselor while in college.  Anna and Betsie both went when they were much younger.  

They may have all attended Garaywa but their experience has been very different than mine.  Whereas I was so homesick, I cried every night and made myself ill, my girls have all had great times at Garaywa.

Such great times in fact, that Betsie credits her time at Garaywa as a turning point in her spiritual journey, Anna and Betsie are both still friends with girls they met there, and Laura didn't want to go home today.  She loved it so much that though we were the first to arrive at her cabin for pick up, we were the last to leave.

And next month?  Merry and Travis continue the tradition but this time as day campers.  A new offering  that makes it possible for boys to get in on the Garaywa goodness, too.  Laura's already begging to go back with them!

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Leslie said...

What fun for you to enjoy this tradition with your precious children!

Hugs to you