Tuesday, February 12, 2013


One of my favorite parts about ministering at We Will Go is the groups that come volunteer. I especially love the girls' groups because I can so easily remember being their age and I know that it was when I was still in elementary school that God started planting His big plans for loving orphans and missions in my heart.

Today, a group of Girl Scouts came and visited us. We told them about our ministry, Betsie talked to them about their dreams for the future and how God wanted to use them, and then we let them do a mini-tour of the ministry as well as help in the food and clothing ministries.

Betsie shares with a group of Girl Scouts about following their God-given dreams. 2-12-13 #wewillgo #betsie #volunteers #girlscouts #missionaries #missionarykids

They were so excited to be here, eager to help, and it was especially sweet to hear how disappointed one of the girls was that she wouldn't actually get to meet any of our neighbors today. As always, we let them know that they could come back anytime to help and meet lots of neighbors. Many volunteers just come once and never come again. But every now and again, a volunteer will come and keep coming back. Maybe she'll be one of those. After all, we ourselves were once "first time" volunteers.

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