Saturday, February 16, 2013


Some folks feel lucky when they get spoiled rotten, I feel very ducky.

I love my little not-rubber ducky. 2-15-13 #chocolate #ducks #desserts #sweet #cute #food #foodiemama #peabodydelianddesserts #peabodyhotel #memphis #happy #delicious #happyfoodie

Yep, ducky.

Or in this case, Peabody Ducky.

For the second part of our Anniversary/Valentine's Day/Birthday get-away trip, we traveled a bit further north to Memphis, Tennessee. As honeymooners twenty-two years ago, we were limited to where we could go due to Jim being on alert with his National Guard unit. They had been activated for the first Desert Storm and couldn't go more than 30 minutes away. We spent one nice at the very nice Ivy Guest House in Starkville before starting our married life living in Jim's small travel trailer home. After he returned from activation, three months later, he surprised me with a weekend in Memphis where we stayed at famous Peabody Hotel, complete with ducks swimming in the fountain.

My hunky hubby +  ducks + me at The Peabody = sheer happiness 2-15-13 #peabodyhotel #peabodyducks #smiles #happy #marriedromance #ilovethisman #fountain #fun #fancy #memphis #tourists

So for this trip, not only did I get another night in the Ivy Guest House (now Hotel Chester) but I got another visit to The Peabody. It was as beautiful as I remember and with even more ducky touches (like duck monogramming on the bed pillows and duck-shaped soaps in the bathrooms). We ate delicious food at, deservedly, well known places (The Rendevouz, The Flying Fish, Peabody Deli and Dessert, The Arcade, and Central BBQ), did lots of walking, and visited music themed sites (Gibson Guitars, Memphis Rock and Soul Museum, St. Blues Guitars, Sun Studio ), shopped at Schwab's on Beale, and got quick peeks at historical sites (including The Lorraine Motel and WKIA).

#tourists #gibsonguitars #guitar #ilovethisman

It was a fabulous trip and, as much as I love my kids and life at We Will Go, I wasn't quite ready to head back to Jackson on Saturday afternoon. I can look forward to returning to Memphis again this summer with the kids where we'll revisit some of our favorite places, plus, we're already dreaming about future anniversary get-aways. Our 25th in Capetown, South Africa, sounds really appealing, don't you think?

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