Thursday, February 21, 2013


A hard truth is that I think we women struggle with never feeling like what we do is enough. Between kids, husbands, extended family, friends, and ministry folks, we just often feel stretched too thin. If we do a great job in one or two areas then it seems other areas suffer.

I have been struggling with this today and asking God to shore up my hurting and stressed out spirit. A lot of times I wish everyone's yoke was as easy and burden as light as Jesus'. He promises rest and He knows fully that I am but human and made of dirt. Too often it feels like people think I'm SuperMan, or more accurately, SuperWoman. The expectations are so high at times that I get tired just thinking about them.

Today is one of those days.

God says to love Him and love my neighbor. It isn't complicated, but those two supremely important things sure can get buried under the towering pile of science fair projects, yearbook pages, moldy shower curtains, grocery lists, sibling squabbles, and dirty dishes.

Help me, Lord. I don't know what needs to happen but I know something needs to happen and I know I need You!

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