Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Most of the week busy in New Orleans and at the ministry. Will post a picture or two --- or maybe even three or more --- for each day as computer time very limited.

Waiting at the train station, New Orleans bound.

A relaxing train ride afforded me plenty of time to edit photos, catch up on facebook, pray, read, and snack on healthy Chex mix.  I was picked up by Anna and my mom, walked around the mall on Veteran's for a while, before heading to Celebration Church for the Watoto Children's Choir concert.

You KNOW we're smiling big being with these beautiful African kids.  I didn't want to leave for sure.  It was the first time I'd been around that number of Africans since being in Swaziland and South Africa last year. #watotochildrenschoir #africa #anna #

This Africa freak was obviously happy to be in the company of these children from my favorite continent.

After concert dinner and dessert with some of my favorite women --- my mama, my oldest daughter, and Anna's Life Group leader Jessica (now a new friend). #anna #grandmommy #celebrationchurch #newfriends #food #dessert #cheesecake #fun #restaurants #neworl

After the concert, we headed to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro for an after-concert supper and some fabulous desserts including Mardi Gras cheesecake.

Mardi Gras cheesecake + me = fabulous happiness  #happyfoodie #cheesecake #yummy #food #dessert #smiles #mardigras #purplegoldandgreen

Amazing food, people I love, New Orleans, and African children equals one happy mama!

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