Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hope your weekend has been a good one. Ours has been a typically busy one. Living here at We Will Go definitely means our weekends are very full but most of that fullness is really great.

Me and the Grandkids and the Grandparents. 2-22-13 #grandkids #grandpere #nana #belatedchristmas #gifts #lifeatwewillgo

On Friday night, my dad and step-mom drove up for a belated Christmas get-together. We ate muffalettas, exchanged gifts, and told lots of stories. Harveys always tell lots of stories.

Volunteers, like Grace and Gwen from Fondren Church, are one of my favorite parts of We Will Go. #lifeatwewillgo #volunteers #wewillgo

Saturday morning found a hundred plus volunteers blanketing We Will Go with their hard work and prayers. I worked in the clothes ministry shop with a group of women and teenaged girls from Fondren Church along with fellow missionary Adrianne Sprinkles and one of my favorite neighbors, Carolyn. Then that night it was burgers with the family, The Monks visiting from Texas, and We Will Go missionary Levi (who, by the way, earned big points by helping Jim with the diehes).

The Monks from Texas and Travis. #visitorsatwewillgo #lifeatwewillgo #missionarykid #travis #smiles

This morning it was church with our Restoration Family and then church again with our We Will Go family. Bronwyn Baker from Iris Ministries in Mozambique was our special speaker and her story of God's redemption and freedom was powerful. I helped serve the fellowship meal and then it was on to the weekly team meeting.

Blessed to have Bronwyn Baker share at the We Will Go service today. #wewillgo #visitorsatwewillgo #amylancaster #worshipservice

I am blessed by the weekend God sent our way but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't exhausted. I'm really, really tired and as soon as I'm done blogging, this big-haired gal is putting herself to bed. Tomorrow morning is our family's day of rest and I am definitely looking forward to that.

Gotta have the resting so we can do the serving. You do, too!

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