Monday, February 04, 2013


Day-of-rest morning. Big hair. Mother-daughter date with Betsie. Julep Restaurant. Re-hash of Betsie's weekend at MUW. God's goodness. Honey-glazed fried chicken. Free fried green tomatoes cause we "liked" 'em on Facebook. More talk about MUW. More of God's goodness. Target. Just saying "no" to cute shoes and clothes and scarves and stuff. Saying "yes" to a new cordless power vac. St. Patrick's Day door hanger. Gray skies. Mister Chen's Oriental Supermarket. Red bean ice cream. Hello Kitty. Duck eggs. No mangosteens. Asian cuteness. Neighbors at the door. Pantry moth traps. Phonics and Merry's tears. Beans and rice for supper. Brownies and Mardi Gras ice cream for dessert. Jogging and aerobics while watching tv. Photo editing. Missing Swaziland. Nacho Libre quotes. God's amazing goodness. Lots of smiles.

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