Sunday, December 02, 2012


My mama's here! She arrived Friday and is already pitching in and settling right in here in the We Will Go life.

My mama's here!

Whether it is hanging out with the overnight volunteers at our house last night, helping in the clothes ministry, or visiting with neighbors at today's fellowship meal, she's been a help and a blessing.

My sweet mama pitching right in and helping with the clothes ministry.

This week we'll be doing some special Christmas things as well as doing the regular ministry activities, plus, she's going to help me unpack some boxes and hopefully get my kitchen better organized. What a wonderful mama she is. She has always tried to be supportive of what God calls me to even if my life and His plans for me are completely different from her life and even mean that sometimes that calling takes me far away from her. She's also been willing to go where God calls me to, whether it was visiting me in Africa 23 years ago or staying a week with me here in the hood.

It may only be the 2nd day of Christmas, but I've already received a priceless gift this season, my mama and her sweet, sweet presence.

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