Sunday, December 09, 2012


No, not that this is the 14th interview in a series but this is an interview in honor of Patrick's 14th bday.

Here goes.

Patrick, how have you celebrated your special occasion?

Last night I threw a party. Two of my friends came over. We Ate e pizza and watched a movie and played video games in the Man Cave.

What did you do today on your actual birthday?

We had my special breakfast with donuts. Then we went to Mai
Tai Chinese restaurant for lunch. I went with the youth group. Then I came home and took a nap then I went to We Will Go church. I wore a paper clip on my shirt to get money. I got $19. Then we had a WWG birthday party for me and Gabby, an intern whose birthday is tomorrow.

What was your best gift?

The Wolverine Chopper Lego set.

How do you think you have changed the most since your last birthday or what's something important you've learned or done?

I have experienced a full relationship with Christ.

That's pretty huge. What do you look forward to God doing in your life this coming year and how can people pray for you?

God called me to go to Swazilandi with AIM and that the team be unified and that God will put the right words in my mouth when I go to Swaziland.

Thanks for sharing all of this, Patrick. I was blessed by your birth fourteen years ago and I am blessed by your life now.

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