Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We all know about those last minute gifts. We friend calls to say they are on their way over with a gift and we scramble for something we can re-gift or we find out at the last minute that we need a gift for a party so we run into Walgreens and frantically grab a photo album or box of chocolates. Sometimes those last minute gifts are pretty good, sometimes not so much. 

My "last minute gift" that I received today is awesome. My gift is my daughter Anna. 

 Anna made a quick trip home for Christmas fun and brought our friend Jake with her.  Jake is a missionary to Ecuador. 

 As we bought our tree yesterday and then started decorating it, I really began missing Anna. 

This is the first Christmas that she's not been at home for the holidays. Even though she is finished with college for the semester, her job means she has to stay put in New Orleans for the majority of her school break. Motivated by mommy yearning, I sent her a text message with the request that she come home for a couple of days, with the perk of gas money thrown in to sweeten the deal, and she said yes!

A missionary friend, Jake Bickham, was visiting in New Orleans, so they both jumped in her truck and headed north today. They arrived in time to drop in at the Hands and Feet clothing ministry time, do some exploring of our neighborhood, decorate a few cookies, and participate in the We Will Go missionary Christmas party. She, her dad, Jake, and Betsie, are on an egg nog run to Kroger right now and tomorrow we'll cram a few more happenings into the mix before they drive back to New Orleans. 

So yeah....sometimes those spur of the moment gifts result in a gift that is destined to make the re-gifting rounds for eternity, but sometimes, that spur-of-the-moment gift turns out incredibly awesome. And this is one of those times.

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