Thursday, December 06, 2012


Dear Readers---

I have been sick this week with some sort of terrible bug. Even now, I write this with aching arms, hurting neck, and painful back. I am weak and praying for strength to write this and then just go back to bed.

See, there are a lot of widows in Africa who are struggling to barely keep their families alive despite their own physical pains and illnesses, ones that are a lot worse than mine. And there are even more little children in Africa who are sick and hurting and don't have a mama or a doctor or anyone to take care of them. Some of them live all by themselves, begging on streets. Others, live in a hutful of orphaned siblings. Some, though they've lost their parents, are blessed enough to have an orphan home for them to live in. But those homes need financial support to buy food, medicine, clothes, and all the other things that little children need to grow up into big, healthy, productive people.

And God is providing. And one of the ways He is doing that is through people like me and you.

Ekubo Children's Home Africa Uganda

One family in particular is on a mission to be the pipeline of God's provision for orphans in Uganda. The Magera's are a blend of African and American joined together by the mighty love of God. Please take the time to go and read their story and see if you can be part of the plan God has to take care of His precious ones at Ekubo Children's Home.

Thanks you from me but thank you even more from those precious ones at Ekubo!

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