Thursday, December 20, 2012


Everyday here at We Will Go, I get to meet new people. Sometimes it is a man traveling through the city who heard this was a place that would give him some food. Other times, it might be a woman who has just moved into our neighborhood and attends a service or comes to the clothes ministry needing new shoes and a warm outfit.

Two great guys from MDOT who delivered food and swag bags for our neighbors.  Thanks Kenny and Mike!!!

 But other days, the folks I meet aren't asking for anything, they're turning us into the recipients. With Christmas Day quickly approaching, the amount of donations has multiplied. People have been bringing boxes of fresh fruit, bags of clothes and toys, dozens of hygiene items, and swag bags full of goodies.

That's right, swag bags. And you thought swag bags were only for folks attending the Hollywood award ceremonies or ritzy events. Nope, here at We Will Go, thanks to some really sweet folks at the Mississippi Department of Transportation, our neighbors will get be-ribboned gift bags filled with water bottles, key chains, pens, and other goodies. 

Simple items for sure, but when you think that for many of our neighborhood friends, they won't be finding pretty gifts under a tree or brown packages delivered by UPS come next week. For all too many people, Christmas Day is a lonely time filled with longing and sad memories.

But for the ones who come to We Will Go next week, the swag bags, Christmas food, carols sung, and big hugs will remind them that they are not alone.

They might not have the Hallmark card family scene, but they've got us and they've got God. They've got a God who will never forget them. Never say they've gone too far to come back home. 

 And we've got that same God.

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