Sunday, December 30, 2012


This morning, Betsie, Anna, and Betsie's long-time bestie Candace, left for Atlanta, Georgia. They'll be seeing a lot of Anna's friends from her Passport African missions team and attending the Passion Conference. They've only been gone about 14 hours and already I miss them.

And they're off! #passion2012 #roadtrip #friends #jesuslove #smiles #missionaries

I am so glad they have this chance. I know they are going to have a great time and God is going to speak to them all.

But it doesn't make me miss them any less.

These separations are just becoming more and more the norm.

Anna already lives in another city going to college. Our times with her are now comprised of a weekend here and there and holiday breaks. Betsie is still at home but between work and other activities, her time at home is becoming more limited. And in about 9 months? She'll be moving out and going to college, too.

Then, of course, a year from now, we'll be moving to Swaziland. Then our time with them really will be limited.

Now don't get me wrong, I want to move to Swaziland. I've wanted to live there for a long time and the day I move into our African home will be a dream come true.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to miss my girls and some days won't be tough. I know there will be tears and lonely times.

But Jesus is worth it.

This morning I taught children's church. One of the things we discussed was the importance to obey God no matter what. Obey him when the times are good and asks easy things of us and obey him when times are hard and He asks tough things of us.

And sometimes He asks us to do things that are mix.

Living in Africa and serving as missionaries is one of those mixed up things.

So many things about our life there are going to be fabulous yet at the same time so many things are going to be really rough. We'll have to face the death of babies and mothers and others in a country with a tragically high mortality rate. We'll have to deal with overwhelming needs while accepting that we can't do it all. There will be the everyday frustrations that come from living in a 3rd world nation. And we'll have to deal with painful goodbyes and thousands of miles between us and our daughters, our parents, our dear friends, our extended family, and eventually, more of our children.

But Jesus is worth it and God is faithful.

His calling is not easy but I'm learning that being right in the center of His will is the absolutely best place on earth to be. On those days when I'm missing my girls, I'm very thankful that being in the center of His will means I'll be living in Swaziland surrounded by beautiful brown children that I get to love on every single day.

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