Friday, December 07, 2012


Friday was my first day since Monday that I didn't spend most of it in bed due to a crazy bug going around. To be honest, I would have spent the majority of the day taking it easy but with Patrick's birthday coming up on Sunday, presents and food needed to be bought and there are just some things that a mama's got to do.

Shopping for Patrick's birthday. day was filled with getting the things needed to celebrate his 14th birthday.

I had always liked the food here, but after surviving on little more than crackers and animal cookies for the last few days, this Mexican supper tasted like a royal feast!

Going out to eat supper (a veritable feast after days of crackers and animal cookies) with the mister followed by picking up my son-of-another-mother.

I love my Betsie Joy!

Taking him on to Swirly Treats to visit Betsie and David at work.

Trying to make the light decision.

Then last but not least, on to Target where we faced the important decision of what kind of lights were needed for the front of our new not-so-little house in the hood.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 'round here....and Patrick's birthday, too.

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