Thursday, April 19, 2012


See the blue house in the picture below? The one with the boarded up doors and windows?

P7081057 Bethany walks resized and cropped

This is our future home at We Will Go Ministry. But we had no idea of this at the time I took this picture.

Last July, I took some of my kids and a few friends to participate in a special day at We Will Go. Teams of people were assigned street corners, blocks, and strategic places within the We Will Go neighborhood to pray and read scripture out loud. We were assigned a block of Cohea Street. For over an hour we spoke the Word of God over that place and prayed for new life, restoration, and redemption. We prayed that all who lived there would know the love and truth of God. We prayed that Cohea Street would be used in mighty ways by God.

P7081064 4 girls and Cohea resized

And yesterday, we found out that we will be living there. God is moving our family to be a part of bringing that new life, restoration, redemption, love, and truth to the residents of that block.

P7081048 Patrick resized

How wild and amazing is that? We didn't choose the place we prayed and read God's word over last summer. But looking back now, I can see that the time we spent there was just one more piece of the puzzle that God was putting into place.

What a big, big God we serve. He certainly fits everything together in picture perfect ways.

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Rie said...

That is truly amazing. Praise the Lord!!!