Sunday, April 22, 2012


I may be willing and able to slog thru mud and complete a crazy thing called the WARRIOR DASH to raise money for Swazi children.

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I am even able to homeschool my million children.

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And move those same children to live in an inner-city neighborhood, former, crack house.

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But what I can't do without assistance is get us to that restored home so we can serve the Lord, be trained for the mission field, and transition to our new life in Africa. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am great at organizing people and events but stink at organizing stuff. It is also hard for me to let go of things that have a lot of sentimental value. It is a truly painful process for me and I really, really need help.

This week, we've got a couple coming to see our house. If they don't buy it, hopefully more people will be coming to see it soon. We've got to get it de-cluttered, cleaned, and ready for viewing. On top of that, we've got way too much stuff to take to our new house which has less than half the space of our present home. We have got to get rid of possessions and organize all of it as some is going to consignment stores to sell for missions, some of it is being given away, some of it is being packed for moving to our new home, and some of it is being packed for storage to be shipped later to Swaziland.

I can not do this on my own. My sweet mama is here for a couple of days to help me but I really need more than that. If you like to organize, clean, or do yard work...or you don't like it but you're willing to help anyway...please let me know. We need to get a lot done this week but between now and when we move and settle in to our new home at We Will Go, we're going to be needing huge amounts of assistance.

You might not feel called to move into an inner-city neighborhood or go to Africa, but when you help us, you are becoming an active part of our call becoming a reality. It takes all the body of Christ working together to get missionaries on the field and keep them there.

God designed us to need each other and this is one of those times that I desperately need you.

Thanks in advance,

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