Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Fifteen years ago, our first born son entered the world. He was born with a few wisps of blonde hair right on the back of his head, duck down really, and a dimple on his chin just like his daddy. David was adored by his big sister Betsie who instantly, at her ripe age of not quite two, made him her baby. She called him Day-Boy because she could barely talk and even if he was crying, singing Baby Beluga made him smile. Of course, I changed it to David Beluga.

A lot has changed in the ensuing years, including his height and voice. He's taller than both me and his dad and his voice is increasingly getting deeper and more mature. But more than just his physical stature, he's character is growing. He is becoming a young man deeply committed to Jesus and this is reflected in his honesty, responsibility, strong work ethic, and desire to serve the Lord as he serves those in need.

Today our family celebrated David's life and how much we love him.

P4250232 (1) Square David with cake

I fixed his favorite meals --- cheese grits, pig bacon, and hash browns for breakfast; pizza for lunch; and lasagna, corn, and French bread for supper. He didn't have to do most of his school work nor kitchen duty. And tonight, after supper, we had cheesecake before he opened his gifts from his siblings and parents --- Reese's cups, homemade cards, full-ownership of the ds he previously shared with his brother, a ukalele Beatle's music book, a ticket to the new Avenger's movie, and a guitar case. He also received money from his Grandmommy and he's saving that to apply toward buying a ukalele.

P4250249 (1) Cropped and re-sized David, Elysa, Jim

Yes, he loves music, loves playing it, and loves worshipping the Lord with that gift. I'm looking forward to watching him grow and seeing where God sends him with that guitar --- and uke --- in the years to come. I can only imagine that it is going to be quite the trip.

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