Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We are really and truly moving to WE WILL GO to minister in inner-city Jackson. Over the past four years we have served there a few times a month. As we've prayed for people, served food, painted houses, worked in the gardents, helped in the clothing ministry, and attended worship services and Bible studies, we've fallen in love with what God is doing there and the people of WE WILL GO --- both those that serve there and those who are served.

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Back in February, we sat down with David and Amy Lancaster, the founders, and talked to them about our desire to join them on a daily --- and nightly --- basis. A couple of weeks later, our family spent the weekend in one of their team homes and started the application process.

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Last week, we were officially invited to join the WE WILL GO family and today we met with them to work out some of the details. As soon as our farm sells, we will be moving to a restored house on Base 2 of WE WILL GO and begin an exciting and challenging season of service, training, growth, and transition.

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Please keep praying for us as we prepare for this move, pray for our home to sell, and if you live locally, get ready to party! Because you know this party-loving family won't be moving without throwing at least a party or two.

Look out Jackson --- The MacFamily is heading your way!

To read more about the ministry of WE WILL GO, visit their website:

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