Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Last month, I told you that my daughter Anna will be backpacking thru three African nations as part of a ministry team. You can read about that at this post:


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Well, today, we receive more huge news related to Anna. God has blessed her with amazing provision! She has been awarded a full-paid, 4 year scholarship to her first choice college, Holy Cross College in New Orleans. Actually, it is her only choice. From the first time she visited the campus and learned about their unique applied behavioral sciences degree that will prepare her for fighting against human trafficking and forced prostitution, she has wanted to go to school there. When we found out about their scholarship awards criteria in the fall, we knew that Anna had a good chance of winning one of the two full-paid scholarships and we started praying for that to happen.

We've always told people when they asked us how we were going to afford collge for so many children (we have 7) that we were trusting God to provide when that time came. We do not have enough money to afford college costs for our kids. We live on one income and though it is sufficient for our needs, it is not extravagant and not in the 6 figure range. When we move to Swaziland in a year and a half, our income will be cut in half and we'll have even less of our own financial resources to draw on.

I rec'd a full-paid scholarship that paid my way thru Mississippi University for Women and my husband did four years with the Army to help pay his way thru Mississippi State University as well as working and rec'ing grants. We looked at our own lives and knew that there were options God would bring their way.

Over and over again,whether it is where funds for a mission trip are concerned or university tuition, God is showing us that when we follow His will and do things the way He tells us to do things, that we can trust Him to provide as He knows is needed.

And today I'm definitely rejoicing over that faithful and amazing provision.


Renee said...

Such exciting news. We are on the search for a college for Abigail (currently a junior) - her first choice has little chance of full scholarship (they only offer 2 and over 80 compete for them).... so we are looking at other options as well. So far we've been to Auburn and at some point we're going to head over to Ole Miss and then down to their Medical Campus in Jackson... just need to figure out the calendar

Leslie said...

Wonderful news!!! Praise God!

Allie Ruth Morris said...

Wow! Anna is such an amazing person! I miss her TONS!

Elysa said...

Thank you all for rejoicing with us!

And Renee, would you consider letting her attend a college without dorms? Holy Cross has a nursing degree, is Catholic, and though they only offer two full paid scholarships, the competition doesn't seem very fierce. I'll message you privately more details.