Friday, April 13, 2012


Hope you and yours are enjoying this Friday evening. I have to tell you, I love Fridays. I've usually had a busy day filled with homeschool group and various errands. But the time it is officially the weekend, I'm ready for either some fun or some rest or some restful fun knowing that two days of more of the same await me and I'll hopefully get to sleep in on Saturday and grab a nap or two between now and Monday.

hello dolly resized and framed

So how am I spending this restfully fun Friday evening?

The girls and I are lounging very comfortably on our big, fat, leather couch while we watch HELLO DOLLY (Dang!  That woman can SING!), eat potpies (for them), popcorn (lots for me), and dark chcolate-covered Cajun CrawTaters.

Mmmm-m-mmm-m...what a delicious way to start the weekend.

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