Friday, March 30, 2012


Today was our homeschool group's annual spelling bee and you can bee sure that we've got some rejoicing and bragging going on around the MacHouse.

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After some pretty stiff competition (after all, we are homeschoolers and all the stereotypes say we rock at this sort of thing, right?), my oldest son David came in first place. His oldest sister Betsie had won it five times when she was till young enough to participate. Now that she's aged out, it has been a goal among my younger kids to one day wear the mantle of spelling bee champ.

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David felt really good about his win but felt even better when the $16 prize money was put in his hands! It is amazing how motivating the chocolate for all participants and the cash award is for these kids! Now if only I can get them as excited about cleaning their rooms.

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