Monday, March 19, 2012


As I've stated before, I'm more than just a teeny, tiny, bit of OCD about photo editing. I was finally able to get a bunch of them edited, cropped, and resized for blogging purposes. So without further adieu, here is a photographic recap of our St. Paddy's weekend:

P3170040 Resized Cropped

St. Patrick's Day started out with a special oatmeal-chia seed pancake breakfast. We used green frosting to decorate the shamrock shaped accent ones.

P3170048 Resize

Gotta love my special sockies.

P3170059 Socks Resized

P3170072 Resize

After breakfast, the three little kids and I spread some green lovin' by planting wild flower seeds around our farm a la one of our favorite Five-in-a-Row book characters, Miss Rumphius.

P3170081 Resized

Then it was on to a birthday party for a very special one year old, the son of our church's youth leaders.

P3170083 Resized Aiden and Trent Grantham with kids

P3180084 Resized

Our St. Patrick celebrating continued on Sunday because we're just awesome that way. Lunch was our traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage made into scrummy reuben sammies. Jim and I had our's with a side of special chippies. Sweet potatoes...yum, yum!

P3180086 Resized

P3180088 Resize

After naptime, the little kids and I decorated cupcakes that Betsie helped them make before she left for youth group.

P3180106 resize

Anna helped with the admiring and eating part...her favorite parts of cooking. We kinda admired them, too.

P3180100 Cupcake Crazy

Yep, life's just a party waiting to happen when you're part of the MacFamily.


Leslie said...

Looks like a great celebration! Loved all of your pictures. Hugs to you on the photo editing. I don't know how to do much of that so I mostly post as is. I do have a new "enhance" button in my photo section that I use, thats about all though.


Elysa said...

There are days when my family would be really glad for me to only have an "enhance" button! LOL!