Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There are specific things going on in Swaziland right now that really need to be prayed about. Would you join me in taking these matters to the Father?

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First off, our missionary friend Dudley Donaldson has pneumonia. Would you please pray for him to receive rest and healing? He especially asks for prayers because he is scheduled to start a new round of Bible classes this Saturday for Zionist pastors and church leaders.

Second, please pray for the VanderWal family. They serve in Swaziland as medical missionaries. Echo is due to deliver their new baby in less than 24 hours. Please pray for the expectant mama and precious baby daughter during this time of waiting, labor, and delivery.

Third, please pray for a tragic situation. A father was walking his young daughter to a school and carepoint that is located across from the Manzini dump when a car hit him, the little girl, and the baby he was carrying. The father and little girl were killed. The baby was injured, admitted into the local hospital's ICU, but later released. Please pray for those grieving in Swaziland right now. This is a carepoint that Adventures in Missions and Children's HopeChest is involved with. I've personally spent time there as have both of my teenaged daughters and many of our friends. The little girl's mother had to be admitted into the hospital for a while after learning the news but she is home now with the released baby and that baby's twin. An entire family, community, and network of short-term missionaries around the world are hurting right now. Please pray for them and pray that somehow, good will come out of this horrific situation.

Thank you.

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