Saturday, March 10, 2012


*Being mistaken for one of my beautiful daughters by a neighbor walking past our house.

PC020331 Elysa and Betsie B&W resized

*Listening to my kids, especially Patrick, howl with laughter while watching AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS.

*My 6 year old telling me that I was her best mom ever because I checked out books from the library about animal tracks per her request.

*Taking a walk with my two youngest daughters and one of their best friends and running part of the way just because I can.

*Throwing sticks for the dog to fetch.

*Bible time around the breakfast table with my husband and the kids.

*An unexpected visit and cozy chat with my best friend Rhonda.

*Clever comments made by friends on facebook.

*Wearing my new, black, comfy, faux fur-trimmed jacket that I bought for only a dollar at an end-of-season sale.

*Being told by my husband that the love and grace I show Him is assurance that God loves him.

*Looking forward to an evening filled with popcorn and several episodes of DOWNTON ABBEY with the teenaged girls.

What's got you smiling today?

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