Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Just wanted to post a potpouri of happenings here in MacWorld.

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*Jim took our youngest son, Travis, on a Cub Scout outing this weekend. He and a million other boys, dads, and a few intrepid moms, spent the night on the U.S.S. Kidd in Baton Rouge. They were also able to tour the associated museum. My friend Rhonda summed up my feelings related to this event when she commented on facebook after seeing the photos, "thank you Lord for dedicated fathers". Because, of course, their going means we don't have to!

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*And speaking of dedicated fathers, one of the things I'm up to these days is continuing to edit photos from our recent Swaziland trip, and while working on them, I came across this one of Jim and five of our kids. I love it --- in large part because of the role Jim plays in it. He's not only a hard worker, faithful husband, dependable friend, and gifted teacher, he's also a fun dad who is often right in the thick of things with his kids. Whether it is taking the boys on a scouting outing or just playing around, he does what he can to have fun with them and let them know how how much he loves them.

*It is spring break around our area. We're not going out of town nor are we stopping schooling completely --- after all, we took off three weeks in January for our trip --- but we are taking things easy. The kids have been spending extra time with their friends and my "son of another mother" is actually over here now for a couple of days. My sister-in-law on the Coast is going to bring up her three kids for a visit when they have their break in a few weeks.

*Betsie and Anna are both still working their regular jobs. Anna works at a frozen yogurt shop and Betsie provides after-school care for three kids in our neighborhood. They are also both working one night a week providing childcare for our church, Betsie's been babysitting some extra days during spring break, and she has been offered another job as well. David might even be up for a job as soon as he turns 15 next month. I'm really proud of how hard working they are.

*Our house is now up for sale. We've got to sell it as part of the preparation for moving to Swaziland and before we could move to WE WILL GO if that's what God continues to lead us to do. We try to go serve and be a part of the ministry at least two to four times a month but as long as we're living out here in the country, the level that we can participate at WE WILL GO will continue to be limited.

*Five of us Macs are running a 5K next month. It ain't your regular ole 5K and it ain't for the regular ole reasons but that's a longer story than I have time for telling now. Be watching a future post for those details. But I can assure you, it is going to be crazy...and a bit muddy, too. Okay, a lot.

*Today is primary elections today here in Mississippi. We'll be going and voting for our choice for the presidential nomination. Even though I mostly feel good about the candidate I'll be voting for, Rick Santorum, I'm already sick and tired of this presidential election. I just hate how nasty things get. I hate the drama that the media whips up to sell papers and magazines and air time. I hate all the negativity. I just hate it period. It is hard for me to believe I used to be a news talk, political junkie. I don't even recognize that girl anymore most days. To be honest, it is times like this that I wish we were already living in Africa. That said, if you live some place where primaries are going on, don't forget to go out and vote. And don't vote for someone just because you think they're a done deal or you think they are the best candidate to win the election. Vote for who most closely mirrors your values and beliefs. At least, that's what I'm doing even if I won't be walking to the polling booth with a spring in my step.

*Okay, I can't leave on such a pessimistic note. I know, I'll tell you about something much more pleasant. As part of homeschooling, we've been "rowing" a book entitled MISS RUMPHIUS all about a lady who made her world more beautiful by planting flowers all over her community. This afternoon, we'll be watching THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC because Maria definitely made her world more beautiful with her gift of music. I want my children to dream about ways that God can use their unique gifts to make the world a more beautiful place, too. Maybe one of them will grow up and figure out a way to make the selection of our leaders a more pleasant experience?

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