Saturday, March 24, 2012


On Thursday night, Jim and I took our four teenagers and a million of their friends --- okay, actually only six --- to the midnight premier of the HUNGER GAMES movie. It was packed out and a lot of fun.

P3230127 Girls at movies Resized

And if you want to know if we liked it, let's just put it this way, Anna and Betsie just left with yet another friend to watch it again. Yes, just two days later.

Was it perfect? No. Where there parts that each of us wish they'd done differently? Yes.

But overall, the movie stayed true to the message and plot of the book and delivered a good movie with powerful points.

Here are some more shots from our Thursday night at the movies:

P3230128 Patrick and Elysa Resized

We arrived nearly two hours before the movie started. Had to make sure we got good seats.

P3230130 Resized Hunger Games Candace Betsie Bethany

Happy faces after the movie reflect satisfaction with what they saw.

P3230134 Theater resized

We were told that seven showings sold out on opening night, er, morning.

P3230135 Resize marquee

P3230136 Resized David

David tired out on the way home...but not too tired to eat popcorn.

P3230137 Resized

Home, James.

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