Saturday, March 31, 2012


Kids can be so darn cute that sometimes you just grin from ear to ear and about burst with joy.

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Other times, they can be great opportunities for, ahem, growth and refinement.

Like during tonight's special church service.

Let's see...six year old Merry mooned the congregation tonight for several minutes tonight when I picked her up for a piggy back ride during worship and eight year old Travis, along with his chair, pitched over completely during the sermon. Oh, and there was the very talented child --- who shall remain unnamed because he is a teenager and I have some shred of mercy and empathy in my body--- who dropped his Bible in such a way that it sounded like a small thunder clap despite the fact that the floor was carpeted.

Did I mention that we had a guest speaker?

And we were on the 2nd row.

With no one sitting in front of us.

But we were in front of everyone else.

Alas, what mortification of the flesh awaits us during tomorrow's service?

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