Tuesday, March 06, 2012


This past weekend, I turned 46. And because I love any excuse to have fun and I really love birthdays, my celebration kind of stretched out over the entire weekend.

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On Friday night, Jim and the two oldest kids made supper for me.

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Betsie was in charge of the dessert, a fabulous recipe she got when we visited Swaziland and ate with new friends in Big Bend, and also made delicious, Rachael Ray, roast beef sandwiches that are a favorite with our family. Jim made oven "fried" portabello mushroom strips with a spicy yogurt dressing while Anna made sweet potato oven "fries".

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On Saturday morning, Betsie made breakfast --- pancakes for the kids and omelets for me and the hubby.

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After the scrumptious meal, it was time for the presents. I love, love, love getting presents. I often chant that Blue's Clues birthday thingie --- "present time, present time, open it up and see what's inside!" --- yeah.

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Anyway, the kids and the mister gave me wonderful presents. I didn't even post photos from them all but you get the idea. They spoiled me rotten....okay, even more rotten than I already am!

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Lunch that day was at my youngest son's CubScout Blue & Gold Banquet. It was made even more special because my best friend Rhonda and her family was there and Travis is big friends with her younger boys who are also CubScouts.

Then that afternoon, the three oldest girls and I met Rhonda's family at the movies to watch THE LORAX. We moms even managed to sit together which is a big deal when there were 8 kids involved plus one husband. We loved the movie and I loved getting to share it not just with my girls but with my best friend, too. Laughter is always better and louder when surrounded by loved ones, especially funny loved ones.

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After the little kids went to bed that night, the teenagers and me watched two episodes of the new season of DOWNTON ABBEY. Anna gave me the 2nd season as my birthday gift. We love this show!

On Sunday, I stayed home in the a.m. with a sick, little Merry but I got to go out and mingle with folks that afternoon. When a hurried lunch was done, the teenagers plus my "son from another mother" and I all piled in the van and went to a housewarming party for our good friends, the Jeffcoats. Then it was on to youth worship band practice for most of the teenagers while I went on to WE WILL GO. My last gift of the weekend was getting to spend time with friends we went to church with over 13 years ago. I'd seen the Hamiltons a couple of times since then at WWG but it was my first time to see the Dollarhides in all that time. Catching up with, hearing how God's been moving in their lives, and getting to also hear the testimony of a new friend at WWG was the perfect ending to my birthday weekend and a true gift indeed.

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Truly, friends are among the very best gifts that God has ever given me. My life is richly blessed with so many old and new friends. I feel like a billionaire!

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