Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Sounds like the title of a deep, purpose-driven blog post, doesn't it? Actually, it is the title for a silly, just-for-fun, gotta-do-this-quick-and-start-supper post.

On the way home, I was thinking about searching for images of something I heard about on National Public Radio --- the new, trendy, and often garish or downright ugly uniforms that some colleges are now adopting. That led me to think about some of the other strange things I've googled lately and voila! The idea for today's post was born.

So among things I've searched for lately there are these enquiries typed in that little rectangle with the magnifying glass:

*Dr. Who Birthday Youtube
*birthday book images
*how to pronounce van gogh?
*accomodations Big Bend Swaziland
*address Baptist Student Union Columbus Mississippi
*Bar-b-q Shop Memphis
*YouTube Swaziland House
*Backpacker Lodges South Africa
*Centennial Scholarship Mississippi University for Women
*mayonaise with no high fructose corn syrup
*youtube how silly bands are made
*Peterson Adventures in Missions Swaziland
*what does Dr. Oz eat at Subway?
*When the Saints Sara Groves YouTube
*what is leaner? lamb or chicken?
*Dominos coupons
*YouTube World Cup Shakira
*when should you plant potatoes in the South
*Zion Bible College Swaziland
*Swaziland game park
*Cinnamon Baby
*Chewbacca cupcakes
*elisabeth elliott
*blue bear
*baked falafel recipe
*The Galactic Troubadours'
*soda why its bad for you
*jogging Africa
*piggy pudding recipe

So what have you been searching for lately?

And what do your searches say about you? I think mine say that I'm a geeky, well-educated, foodie who is African obsessed and spends a lot of watching YouTube videos.

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