Saturday, September 24, 2011


Mine was a special day spent with a sweet college student and a classy mom-of-a-friend, both of them fun and great shopping companions.

After dropping Betsie and four of her girlfriends off at WE WILL GO, I spent the day at the Renaissance outdoor mall with two of my newest girlfriends, Brooke and Miss Peggy.

Who knew that produce could be so fun?

And have you ever seen such fabulous style?

Today I was often reminded that the generations need each other and when we choose to just select friends from our own age group, we limit ourselves to blessings that God wants to pour out in our lives from other women. We need women who are both older and younger and the same age --- sometimes to disciple us, sometimes to keep us young, sometimes to pray with us, sometimes to make us feel needed.

Sometimes to just be silly.

What older woman or younger woman in your life might be a new girlfriend in disguise? You just might be surprised. But pleasantly so, I assure you.

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