Thursday, September 01, 2011


Okay friends --- and even strangers --- we need your prayers today.

We are in the process of trying to plan our mission trip to Swaziland next summer. This trip will include our whole family. That means air line tickets for 9 people, places to stay for 9 people, food for 9 people, ground transportation for 9 people, and on and on. Yeah. Just a wee bit overwhelming.

So this is where the prayers come in.

Please pray, first of all, that we'll have God's direction as we make plans.

But the second prayer request is the most important one for right now. Pray that we'll be able
to rest and trust in God's provision. This is going to be an expensive trip even if all we had to buy were the airline tickets. We have seen over and over again that God has provided for mission trips. But even when we know something with our head, it is sometimes hard to trust it for ourselves personally. So more than guidance in planning or even financial provision, pray that we will trust!

Thanks and as the Swazis would say, stay well!

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