Friday, September 02, 2011


Have I ever told y'all how much I love Swaziland and am especially crazy for the kids at the Bheveni Carepoint?

Yeah...about a million and twelve times. But seriously, I absolutely love these kids. They deal with so much --- lack of clean drinking water, little to eat, school fees that are more than their family can dream of affording, and often the loss of one or both of their parents --- yet they usually embrace an attitude of gratitude and joy. It blows me away.

Me, who finds it too easy to complain about silly things. Me, who has more material possessions than I literally know what to do with yet I don't have half the joy and contentment that these kids do.

Well right now we, who have so much, have the opportunity to help these who have so little. In Swaziland, kids are required to wear uniforms. And so they wear them and wear them and wear them, the same outfit day after day after day often for years on end. And when they have finally completely out grown it, the very used uniform is passed down to the next sibling or cousin or neighbor. Some of these uniforms are literally threadbare.

A team is going to Bheveni to minister in just a couple of weeks. They want to provide new uniforms for all the kids in need. These uniforms cost $30 to $35 a piece. For a lot of us, we'll plop down that much on a new pair of jeans or shirt on a regular basis and will spend that much on movie and dinner out one or more times a month. But for these kids, this is a fortune.

Now thru Monday, if you make a donation to Children's HopeChest, an anonymous donor will match any amount given up to a total of $1500.

Visit our group leader Danielle Brower's blog at for details on how you can give. 

And on behalf of the Bheveni kids and their caregivers, thank you!

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