Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today we offering two more chances to bid on earrings from Thailand and to help us pay for our Swaziland 2012 Trip.

The first item to auction today is a pair of dangly earrings with black beads. These earrings are about 4 inches long.

The second item is another pair of 4 inch, dangly earrings, this time with pink beads.

Both pairs were brought back from Jim when he took Betsie to Thailand this past spring. The bidding will begin on each at $5 with $2 added for shipping if you need them mailed.

To bid on them, leave a comment with the amount you are bidding and contact information. The auction will end Saturday night at midnight.

Thanks and remember, we are still collecting items to auction off so let us know if you have artwork, services to provide, gift cards, crafts, collectibles, or other items to donate.


My Name is Allison said...
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My Name is Allison said...

I bid $6 on both pairs!

Elysa said...

Thank you, Allison!!!

Elysa said...

Allison! You are the winner. Thank so much. :D