Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay, so not a literal tossed salad, but a verbal tossed salad. When I make a salad, I throw in a lot of great elements that maybe don't seem like they'd go together (like tamari spiced pumpkin seeds and fat free feta) but somehow they work!

Well, I've got a lot of different things popcorning around in my brain today so I'm gonna toss 'em all together in a big, blog bowl.

*While we're on the subject of food, I've made a new discovery...panko! Okay, okay, so they are not new to a lot of you, but for me they are. I've heard about them for a while in magazines and online, even seen them in the grocery store, but didn't take the plunge to try them to the hunky hub asked me to use them in baking chicken strips. WOW! Were they ever great. I've also used them to coat baked sweet potato slices and I found a recipe today for Crispy Baked Onions at the Rachael Ray website: http://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipes/rachael-ray-magazine-recipe-search/fast-recipes/crispy-baked-onions

*And now that we're on the subject of new, I'll share with you that I'm excited about our new Troubadour pledges my social club picked up yesterday at Mississippi University for Women. And crazy alum that I am, I even wore blue and white in their honor today. It is a blessing to see the spark of sisterhood passed down to another class of young women.

*And speaking of young women, a really young woman said something that cracked me up today. Little Miss M, who is all of 6 years old now, has declared today, "I am an artist, an artist of love." Yeah. That girl is a character. Anna says that if we wanted to really mess her up, she'd make a great reality show!

*Oh...shows! Have I told you yet that we're now pretty hooked on DOCTOR WHO? Doctor WHO you ask? That's right. DOCTOR WHO. The show that started decades ago and would air every now and again on Saturday afternoons (I think on PBS) here in Mississippi has now been re-booted. Gone is the middle-aged, scarf-frumped Time Lord. Now we've got a younger, sassier, Doctor whose escapades perfectly combine smarts, humor, philosophy, romance, mystery, adventure, and even an appropriate dose of scary. We don't let our youngest ones watch it (usually), but the older four and their parentals can often be found hanging on the cast's every British-accented word and then alluding to the series though out our days.

*And I'm still holding out for a fall African adventure. At the end of this week, Team Bheveni leaves for Swaziland to minister. I continue to hope that a miracle is going to come thru that puts me on a plane flying to Africa along with them. Hey, a girl's gotta dream so y'all keep on praying! I am for sure.

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Leslie said...

Praying with you for that miracle! Love your heart! (((Elysa)))

Love you!