Monday, June 27, 2011


Men have said that the cross of Christ was not a heroic thing, but I want to tell you that the cross of Jesus Christ has put more heroism in the souls of men than any other event in human history. –John G. Lake

I admit, raising sons is often a baffling task. Girls, even when they are crazy with hormones or silly beyond belief, are a gender I understand. After all, I also have been crazy with hormones or silly beyond belief a good generous helping of times in my life.

But boys?

I often am truly dumbfounded at the things they do and say.

And I often have to turn to my husband for answers and solutions. Calling Daddy in the middle of the day and having him handle a situation is not an unknown around here.

But despite the perplexing nature of raising them, I really do love my boys and I'm proud of how they are growing up. Because to be honest, I really do see all three of them growing in Christ-likeness.

It is more obvious in David as he is 14 and starting to look more and more like a man, but I see it, also, in the two younger boys. Whether it is Patrick sweetly helping a younger child at Vacation Bible School or my little Mr. T telling me the most precious encouragements that my mama heart really needs to hear, they are boys that I just don't love because I'm their mama, they are boys that I'm proud to call my sons.

In just a small handful of days, David will be leaving on an incredible journey. He, at only 14 years of age, will be going with a small team of teenagers and young adult leaders for Peru. There he'll be ministering along the Amazon River in the jungle to people who need to hear about Jesus, his life and death on the cross and resurrection. People who need to hear that God loves them and that what Jesus did means something for them.

Let me repeat that. My son David is going to be ministering to people in the Amazon! At 14!

Now to my way of thinking, that's pretty heroic! At 14, I was concerned about scoping out cute guys, what I was going to wear, and what shows were coming on t.v. that night. Sure, I thought about missions, but it was what grown-ups did. Not teenagers. Not 14 year olds.

But my first born son who hasn't even started high school yet, is going far from home, sleeping under mosquito nets, hiking thru dense jungle growth, and facing who knows what because of the call of Christ on his life. As a mama, I hope he is not in serious danger while there. But as a follower and lover of Jesus, I'm willing to let him go even if it does turn dangerous. Because that's what Christianity is supposed to be about.

True Christianity is supposed to be about living in relationship with Jesus and walking where he leads. It is supposed to be about following Him. And sometimes, just as His path while on this earth was a path of extreme sacrifice and eventual death on the cross, our life is also a path of extreme sacrifice and even death for the sake of telling others the story of the cross.

I will pray for my son's safety in Peru. I will pray that God's angels will be strong and mighty to keep him safe from harm and sickness.

But more than that, I will be praying that no matter what my son faces, he will stand strong in Jesus and proclaim the good news no matter the cost.

And in my eyes, that's true heroism.


We are still raising money for David's mission trip to Peru. Our dear friend Betty Hodge has created us another cross painting to auction off. This brown and aqua green beauty, that is at the top of this blog post, measures 9 X 13. If you would like to bid on it, please leave your name, someway for me to contact you, and the amount you are bidding in a comment. We will ship this anywhere in the Continental USA. The bidding will start at $8. The auction will end Thursday at 5:00. If you are unable to leave a comment, please contact me via fb or email at jimelm "at" windstream "dot" net. Thanks!

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