Friday, June 17, 2011


I am still feeling really bad. Hopes of great, detailed posts keep getting dashed.

Did want to give some quick news bits:

*Anna is now at training camp for her Thailand trip. This photo was taken yesterday at the Adventures in Missions base.

*Anna's Thai team blog addy is

*David leaves in less than two weeks for his mission trip. He still needs around $2000 if anyone would like to contribute or throw a last minute fundraiser. I will be holding more auctions for Thai scarves and other items as soon as I'm feeling better.

*Pray for the missionaries Betsie lived with in Thailand. Chrissy's brother died this week and they are en route to the States as a result.

*We'll be going to WE WILL GO this Sunday in inner-city Jackson if you'd like to join us. Betsie and I will be sharing about Thailand.

That's it for now. Please pray that I feel better soon. I'm sure the trip to and from Atlanta in one day didn't help.

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