Sunday, June 05, 2011


Good morning. As most of you are getting ready to go to sleep, it is already Monday morning in Thailand and I've already gotten up, gotten dressed, and eaten a delicious breakfast of meat cooked on small skewers at a stand just outside the church's gate and some tangy Thai banana.

I could tell you a million things about my time here so far, butI have to make this quick because we are about to go ride elephants. RIDE ELEPHANTS!

The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Rai in the very most northern part of Thailand went smoothly yesterday. The squeals and hugs at the airport were fabulous. Betsie is even more amazing than before she left for Thailand.

I'm having a wonderful time meeting the Thai staff, some of the English students (Meena and Fang) reconnecting with my American missionary friends, and already doing some sight seeing.

After showing me around the church/school/housing facility and taking a walk thru the neighborhood, we went back to the airport to straighten out a ticketing situation and say goodbye to some of the Johnson family. They are the head missionaries here and are going back to the States to get their daughter settled into college. Then we were off to the mall for supper (cooked our own food right at the table) then massages for the Espys and two other folks from Mississippi who are visiting and arrived last week (Debbie Barron and Matt McDonald). While they were massaged, Betsie and I rode a taxi that was powered by a little, old man riding a bike. Poor fellow! At one point, the hill did him in and he had to get out and walk. We rode for about 20 minutes or more for about $6 total. After an intense search for a late night gas station, we made it back home and I had no trouble going to sleep.

I'll try to write a longer post next time. For now, keep praying that I'll be a blessing to those around me and think of me, dressed in black and white (of course), perched a top an elephant, walking thru a river.

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