Friday, June 24, 2011


Just some random bits to round out the week:

*Betsie had the opportunity to be the guest missionary at a local Baptist Church each morning this week during their Vacation Bible School. Jim says she is following in my footsteps, after all, for years I've shared at Vacation Bible Schools about missions and just this week I had the blessing of getting to speak at two local library's summer reading programs about my experiences in Swaziland. Next week she'll be sharing at a library program about her Thailand experience.

*Talked to Anna in Phuket,Thailand, this morning. She called because of Elliott's accident. I'll be sharing more details later but she is doing fine, just tired from the traveling, and they've started learning more about their ministry and praying in preparation.

*David leaves in less than one week for his Peru mission trip. Thank you to all who have donated items and money as well those of you who have bid on auctions. The scarf auctions are now over. I'll be notifying the winners tomorrow.

*Jim has been working out of town the last few days helping with the Mississippi River flood recovery efforts. He wasn't due back home til Sunday but gave us the happy surprise of coming home today.

*My Cousin Elliott continues to show improvement. The fluid in his lungs is lessening but he is still in critical condition and hasn't started talking yet, though he can communicate with head shakes and hand squeezes. Please keep praying!

*Patrick, David, and Betsie helped me lead Vacation Bible School at our church this past Wednesday. Our church is trying something different for us. We are holding VBS sessions on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I was so blessed by those three big kids. I had been experiencing a lot of dizziness since my Thailand trip and wasn't up to doing all I'd normally do. They did most of the interaction and teaching including a puppet skit, worship, Bible verse time, a two-man --- er teenage --- skit, and memory verse recitations. What a gift they are in my life!

*By the way, just finished reading Ann VosKamp's ONE THOUSAND GIFTS. If you have not read it, get a copy and change that situation!

Well, that's all the main news for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with fresh awareness of just how much God loves you, even when it is dark and hard to see.

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