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Anna's Ambassador team will be in Phuket, Thailand, in just a few days to minister to women trapped in prostitution and those who have come out and are now learning new job skills as well as being spiritually discipled. Right now, there are other Adventures in Missions short-termers there, including a World Race team. Here is a blog post written by one of those World Racers:

"As I sit here at the house interceding as the rest of my team goes to Patong. I have so many thoughts going through my head. My prayers are all over lapping and I can't stay focused on praying for one bad thought before another comes pouring in. A question continues to flood my mind....Why is there so much injustice in this world?

We have been working the last few weeks in Phuket, Thailand. We have focused our ministry in part of the city called Patong which is an area on the island of Phuket that can be a bit deceiving. From the surface Patong looks like any other tourist hot spot. A beautiful beach covered with colorful umbrellas, all kinds of diverse people walking around in next to nothing with their sun kissed skin, shops line the streets full of purses, dresses and jewelry, and any other little trinket you would need or want. Plus you can get a Thai massages and ice cream right on the beach. What could be better than that?

There are good cheap souvenirs, food, and women. Yes, you heard me women. Phuket is known world wide for their cheap women. Men come here to drink, party, and exploit women who are forced into prostitution for a number of reasons. We have been working on a street in Patong called Bangla Road. Bangla Road and the side streets are filled with bar after bar, drink after drink, and woman after woman.

I found this next little paragraph explaining someones disturbing view of Patong. "Finding girl company for the night/week/month/year is extremely easy in Patong. Too easy will some say. This is after all Patong. A paradise for men, both young and old."

We have been working with SHE ministries, Self Help and Empowerment, alongside founders Mark and Sharon Biddell. The SHE center gives women an alternative choice when it comes to making money. They are taught a trade, such as cooking, sewing, baking, and jewelry making. They also have a safe and loving place to work with daily bible studies, and people who care about them as daughters of our Lord. We spend much of our time in prayer. Everyday prayers are being lifted up in the community of SHE, Bangla Road, and all over Phuket where there is prostitution. Prayers of freedom, light, deliverance and love are brought before God for the women who work there, the men who visit, and darkness that so easily entangles.

Although this past month has been an emotionally draining one, we have been so blessed to partner alongside SHE ministries. Please keep the women (and men) of Patong and Bangla Road in your prayers."

SHE Ministries from Justin Hanes on Vimeo.

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