Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I had thought by now that I'd be up to writing more detailed blogs. I was wrong.

I'm not tired really, but still having dizzy spells from the epic trip back from Asia and things have just been busy getting back into the swing of things and getting Anna ready to leave for her Thailand trip.

So, today will just be one of my favorite photos from Thailand and a few related prayer requests:

These two Thai girls were two of Betsie's best buddies while she was there, Fang and Meena. Meena is a former student at the church's English school and Fang is still taking classes there. They are both precious girls and were really sweet to Betsie while she was there, giving her just fun hang-out time.

Meena is one of the few Christians in a nation that is less than .5 percent of the population. Fang is not yet there. She is Buddhist. They are both loved and fully accepted at the ministries of Baan Athitan...whether it is language class, cell group, Sunday school, or just sitting on the steps and talking.

Please pray for Thailand.

Pray for the Christians to be strengthened in their walk and full of power and love as they minister to the unbelievers around them.

Pray for the non-Christians to come to Jesus. Buddhism is a religion that is works based. They must constantly be working to appease the spirits, do acts of righteousness, and are never sure of really where they stand spiritually. There is no security. There is no assurance that the price has been paid and that they have truly been made right with God.

And pray for the missionaries who are there working to both disciple the new Christians, support and train Thai leaders, and bring non-Christians to Jesus. Some days it gets very hard to be so far away from family and friends in a culture very different from back home. Some weeks are discouraging and everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong. Some seasons are full of victory and joy and purpose but other seasons are full of tears and frustration and hurts. Pray for them to always feel the nearness of Jesus, the strength of His Spirit, the comfort of the Father. Also, pray for the financial provision they need to keep them on the field.

Thanks. Prayers do make a amazing, eternal difference.

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