Tuesday, June 14, 2011



I had big plans to do a big ole detailed blog today. I ain't happening.

What did happen was that I slept for twelve fabulous, restful, amazing hours then I woke up a bit after 6:00 this morning feeling well rested and ready to fix breakfast for my hunky hubby and beautiful children.

And then the other globe trotting shoe dropped.

Dizzyness hit.

And hit.

And hit.

And stayed.

I did what I could here and there but much motion and much noise --- a given with this many blessing kids running around --- resulted in even more dizzyness.

So....I got myself up in a beautiful hammock under a lovely Thai thatched roof and rested.

Okay. I made that part up. The hammock is now just a memory of my amazing Thai trip (and a favorite photo image) but my big ole queen sized bed is a great reality that I'm very thankful for and just what the travel doctor ordered.

Lots of water, a handful of dark chocolate m&m's (plus one Oreo truffle),and an hour long nap later, I was much more stable and ready to prepare for Anna's guests to arrive.

Tonight was the night for Anna's friends to come and say goodbye before she starts globe trotting off to Thailand for her mission trip. And it was the night for me once again enjoy a houseful of laughter and screams and crazyness.

Life is good. Even when I'm dizzy. But it sure is easier to enjoy when my head doesn't feel like it is still circling the globe.

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