Monday, May 02, 2011


Win some pampering for yourself --- or someone special in your life --- by placing the winning bid for a therapeutic massage. As any regular visitors to Graceland know, we are raising money for mission trips thru online auctions. We are excited about this offering.

Here's a description of the the massage and the massage therapist who is donating her time and skills:

Welcome to Country Haven Massage Therapy! My name is Kellye Bullock, RN, BSN, LMT#81 (Licensed Massage Therapist by the MS State Board of massage therapy). I have been a Massage Therapist for about 14 years.

Massage Therapy is more than a luxury. Many diseases -- I dare say most, if not all -- are caused in one way or another by stress! There are many different types of massage: Swedish, the most common; neuro-muscular therapy, or NMT; myofascial release; sports massage; and cranio-sacral to name a few.

Clients choose what to wear. However, according to the MS massage law, you must be draped. Most of my clients are comfortable in underclothing. I expose only the extremity that I am working on, and the back when I am working on it.

The massage that I'm donating will be designed to meet the needs of the winner! If you need to de-stress and relax, it's Swedish. If you need to have those boulders blasted out of your shoulders, I can add NMT or myofascial release.

One hour -- just for you. My rate is usually $55 an hour. (The same in Jackson is usually around $85 an hour.)

My "clinic" is behind my home in Crystal Springs.

I personally know Kellye. Her daughter Bailey is one of my daughter Betsie's good friends and their family is actively involved in one of the same homeschool groups that we participate in.

I am so thankful for Kellye's donation of her therapy massage skills and know that whoever receives this massage, is going to leave feeling great!

All proceeds made from this auction will go towards financing my daughter Anna's mission trip to Thailand and my son David's mission trip to Peru.

We will begin the bidding at $25. We will end the bidding at 5:00 on Thursday evening. We will notify the highest bidder and email them a printable gift-certificate to present to Kellye for claiming the massage. If you are winning the massage as a gift for a special mother in your life, you'll have time to know that you've won, print out the gift certificate, and save yourself the hassle of hitting the malls or super stores come Saturday. And you'll give the gift knowing that you're also giving the gift of much needed support to two young people who are dedicated to following God's will as they go into the world with His light and love.

To bid on the massage, leave me a comment here at the blog or contact me via fb or email. My email address is jimelm "at" windstream "dot" net.


Elysa said...

We have our first bid! Our pastor's wife and my teenage daughters' spiritual mentor, Debra Brown, has bid $55. Thanks, D!!!!

Elysa said...

Josh Quick has put in a bid for $65. Thank you, Josh!

Elysa said...

Josh, you are the winner. I need your email addy so I can send you the gift certificate to print off.