Saturday, May 07, 2011


I wanted to let y'all know how today's rummage sale went. I'll be honest, last night I was feeling a low burn of stress about the event. Jim had to be gone for the day work-related due to flooding issues going on in North Mississippi. Betsie, of course, is gone to Thailand, and 2nd son Patch had a Scout event for most of the day.

We had a TON of donated stuff but I just wasn't seeing how we were going to get all set up and run the sale with a just me and a handful of teenagers. A few people had said they'd try to help, but wasn't sure for when or how long.

Once again, God blew me away with his generosity despite my short-comings.

It was a lot of hard work --- I didn't sit down for over 9 hours and I've got the aches and soreness to evidence that --- but thanks to some amazing friends who showed up, lots of buyers, and, of course, generous donations, we made around $750 for Anna and David's mission trips!

And we even had fun doing can be seen by the photo of one of the faithful, Bailey. And you'll just have to imagine, for now, me in my Princess Snowflake tiara.

So thank you for your prayers! And thank you if you are one of the ones who in some way helped out this weekend. I don't even want to think about how things would have turned out if you hadn't stepped forward and let God use you to bless us big, big, BIG!

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