Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just some random bits and pieces thrown into the mix for tonight's blog post here at Graceland.

*I leave for Thailand in one week and half a day to see and get Betsie! To say that I'm excited a vast understatement.

*I'm reading Ann Voskamp's ONE THOUSAND GIFTS. I think this is one of those books that has to potential to impact an generation of Christians. I really do. It is that powerful and needful, one that is worthy to become a classic. You can visit her blog to get a glimpse of what I'm talking about:

*Anna and David leave next month for their mission trips. They're on the home stretch for raising the last chunk. We've still got three auctions up and going if you'd like to bid on them:

*A friend of ours, Cindy Smith, is holding a rummage sale to raise money for my kids next week. She'll be selling the items we didn't sell at the last sale plus new stuff. Let me know if you have items to donate. We'd especially appreciate big items such as furniture, lawn care equipment, power tools, etc. Those things bring in big bucks.

*I made a new chicken curry recipe for supper tonight. It was really good and most of the kids said it was a "keeper". A couple of them were tactfully, and wisely, silent. Here's the recipe if anyone wants to try it:

*Obviously, I'm in a true foodie mood today as reflected by my facebook status updates. I posted 5 food related updates and a few links, too. The only one not food related was about my upcoming trip to Thailand.

*By the way, did I mention that I'm excited about going to Thailand in one week and half a day?

*My 9 year old LG has discovered the wonder of the Laura Ingalls Wilder LITTLE HOUSE books. Almost all her play-time and conversations over the last couple of weeks have centererd around the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is especially dear to my heart because the LITTLE HOUSE books were definitely my favorite growing up and I loved all things related. Even named a child after one of the characters. Actually, that child has a double LITTLE HOUSE name. And if I get to adopt in Africa one day, I can just imagine a little Caroline, Charles, and maybe even Almonzo running around.

*Have I mentioned that I leave for Thailand in a week and a half a day?

*In closing, here's a fun quote I found on another blog while I was looking at scrumptious recipes and food fotos ---

“You think I don’t have culture just because I’m from down in Georgia. Believe me, we’ve got culture there. We’ve always had sushi. We just called it bait.”- Ben “Cooter” Jones

Hope your day has been a good one, filled with remembrances of God's grace and lots of good eats! Actually, I think good eats qualify as one of God's best graces.

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